Evaporatori frigo


Refrigerator evaporators are an important part of the refrigeration system.

Knowing the furnishings of the refrigeration setter, even to build a refrigerator is not very difficult. There is no limit to the capacity required by the system to be projected in mode to be efficient. The refrigeration system is backed by scientists from James Prescott Joule and William Thompson applying the law of fluid thermodynamics, which Joule-Thomson theory is notoriously true.

Frigo deriva dal latino "Frigus" means peace. Thanks to the scope of the refrigeration system, frigoriferi has entered into existence.

It was established in 1913, when domestic frigoriferi was sold in the market. In addition, the transformation of food products may be preserved for a long time. The mass production of food is likely to be refrigerated. This means that these products can provide you with a cover of the local and ester market. Many jobs have been created as a result of the refrigeration workspace, such as agriculture, elevation, food processing, transportation and logistics, domestic refrigeration manufacturers, industrial refrigeration, party supplies, of the media and other types of impressions that support refrigeration.

See the simple schedule for refrigeration ...

Refrigerators evaporators in refrigeration systems where the supply and assembly have no effect. Evaporators are heat absorbers and heat exchangers. They are practically two calorie changers in the refrigeration system: freezer camera and condensing unit. Evaporator has a camera that absorbs heat while giving heat to the engine.

Dynamics of the refrigeration system.

Gas refrigerant in the evaporator during the process that absorbs heat and reduces it due to its low point of evaporation and transformation to the gas state, compressor pump and released condensing unit heat to release atmospheric liquid all state attracts a meter and released in evaporators refrigerator in gassed state, absorbs heat.

Types of evaporators:

Static: Allowed type evaporator, piston evaporator, tube and piston evaporator.

2. Dynamic: type heater evaporator with additional heat fans to freezer / refill camera and reload more heat to unit condensation.

Other users of evaporators:

1. Deumidifier

2. Dissipator of calories

3. Recovery of calories

4. Water refrigerator

5. Hydraulic oil radiator 

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