Steel Alloy

Wherever we looked around, we always find steel-alloy being used to support our way of living. Steel is being utilized as a tools, structural framing, transportation, and industrial manufacturing since the evolution of mankind.

The search continues for a lighter but yet stronger steel that could be used for aircraft and space transport system. For a more ambitious step taken by mankind ... to explore our solar system and beyond ...

Using Steel in Structural Construction ...

European engineers recommends S355 in accordance with EN 10025: 2004 European Structural Steel Standard.S355 structural steel plate is a high-strength low carbon-alloy with minimum yield strength of 50,000 ksi.

S355 is used in general construction / fabrication of structural components in ambient temperature. Additional information regarding test method such as JR or J2 can be specified.

For instance, in S355JR can be identified as: S for structural, while 355 number refers to minimum yield strength (Reh) in Mpa up to 16mm, and JR stands for the impact test method which is charpy V-notch (longitudinal) absorbing 27 J @ + 20 ° C. J2 is also tested using charpy V-notch (longitudinal) absorbing 27 J @ -20 ° C.

Usual type of structural construction using S355 are as follows:

  1. Transmission power line support and power plants.
  2. BridgesEarth-movers and mining equipment.
  3. Communication towers and repeaters.


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