Refrigeration evaporators

Hello and welcome to our website. Refrigeration evaporators, coil, heat exchanger or domestic evaporator is considered the most important component in refrigeration and air conditioning system. It is our aim to let our dear visitors know more about evaporators.

But what's the principle behind refrigeration and the important role of evaporators . It all started when two scientists named James Prescott Joule and William Thompson discovered an amazing fact applying the law of fluid thermodynamics.

It is a process of a compressed gas being freed through an expansion device: it could be an expansion valve or capillary tube, and consequently drops its pressure and temperature upon entering the evaporator section where the heat transfer takes place between the evaporator and the chamber to be cooled including its object therein. Heat is attracted to cooler area so it is literally being absorbed by the evaporator.

Refrigerants has a low boiling point that even boils at -21°C. Refrigerants reached its boiling point when it absorbs heat and turn into a gas state.This process later known as Joule–Thomson. In a closed, leak-free system, gas expanded and drops its pressure and temperature and when it absorbs heat then being transformed to a vapor state which takes place in the refrigeration evaporators.

When compressed gas is expanded inside the evaporator its pressure turns to low pressure and temperature drops to -25°C which is much lower than the temperature with respect to the chamber to be cooled. Temperature inside the chamber is regulated by a thermostat that commands the compressor off/on.

Refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioning units plays a vital role in our daily lives. An innovative invention of mankind to give comfort and to reduce human activities. Having a refrigerator or freezer at home reduces the number of our visits to supermarkets. Chilled drinks and frozen foods are at our disposal when needed. A cool and comfortable sleep during summer even at Sahara Desert is possible, thanks to air conditioning units.

Refrigeration evaporators plays an important role in refrigeration and air conditioning system. It is where the heat transfer and cooling effect takes place. Refrigeration evaporators are also called heat exchangers since it absorbs the heat that passes through or in contact with it which literally drop its surrounding temperature. The heat absorbed from the evaporator is being discharged to ambient by the condensing unit through heat pump or compressor.

The basic components of a refrigeration system are as follows: compressor equipped with non-return valve at inlet and outlet point, some systems do have a refrigerant receiver unit installed between the compressor and condensing unit, condenser fan, drier/filter to separate system moisture, capillary tube, evaporator. Refrigeration evaporators are designed and produced according to its capacity and application.

Evaporators of domestic refrigerator can be easily identified its location, it is located at the freezer compartment but not visible to our naked eye where ice is accumulated around its surface. Unlike the old days, evaporator is exposed. Our grandparents even our parents used a kitchen knife to remove accumulated ice on its surface to increase storage space and freezing effect which sometimes punched a hole on the evaporator and putting the refrigerator out of order. Some were smart enough by using hot water flushing directly to the evaporator but the disadvantage is that water accumulates on the floor thus exposing oneself to electric shock.

Today, modern domestic and industrial refrigerators are equipped with automatic defrosting unit that makes the system energy efficient, no build-up of ice in the freezer compartment. In tropical countries where high humidity conditions normally occur causing ice build up inside the freezer compartment due to frequent opening of door, no-Frost refrigerators were introduced to avoid ice build-up inside the freezer compartment, a system where a blower is utilized and allows the circulating air passes directly through the finned type evaporator. No-frost refrigerators are energy efficient and maximized the use of its freezer compartment since there's no ice build up on its wall.

Ice cream can be well preserved at -18 ° C.


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